Michaelis Jacoby

Michaelis Jacoby

Frequently spinning at exclusive private parties and moving the largest and trendiest crowds in the hottest Los Angeles and Las Vegas nightclubs, Michaelis has shown little sign of slowing down since he first became serious about bursting into the music scene. His animalistic hunger for perfection in mixing, impeccable scratching, and true passion for precision ensure thorough customer satisfaction whenever he touches the crossfader. Whether Michaelis is making heads bob to funk and hip-hop or breaking buildings with relentless bass thumps of electronic dance music, he wholeheartedly spills his love for good music onto every crowd, every time.

Michaelis, born Michaelis Jacoby, developed a craving for entertainment at a very young age. In elementary school, he joined a competitive dance team where he learned the fundamentals of choreography. In middle school, he picked up a guitar and taught himself to play his classic rock and heavy metal favorites as a break from the talk radio stations he frequently heard at home. In middle school, although his parents were very much against rap and hip-hop, Michaelis secretly listened to the Beastie Boys cassette in the bathroom. It was his escape, his ‘license to ill’.

As years went by, Michaelis’ adolescent curiosity evolved into a large record collection. Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning” and funk, one of his heaviest influences today, became but a few of many styles that defined his vibrant tastes. Shortly thereafter, Michaelis moved to Venice Beach and was introduced to the rave scene. Partying every night, he sank deeper and deeper into a world of chest-pulsing dub step and concussive drum beats.

During one of those wild nights, in 1997, Michaelis was accidentally introduced to DJing.

Messing with some turntables at a friend’s after-party, Michaelis discovered an affinity for spinning and matching beats. Where other would-be DJs at the party had failed to captivate the crowd, Michaelis’ natural talent for mixing music quickly spun the party into oblivion. However, despite this early success, Michaelis did not immediately pursue a career in music. Instead, he spent his time partying and modeling for different agencies.

A few months went by, and Michaelis moved to Israel and earned a residency as a DJ at a popular local bar in Tel Aviv. It was there, with his hands shaking and heart pumping from excitement, he discovered his one true passion, rocking crowds.

Seeing more opportunity outside of Israel, Michaelis returned to the United States and began playing at his friends’ house parties. In the beginning, he did little more than collect vinyl records on Melrose Avenue and gaze longingly at turntables and mixers. A few months later, he purchased the equipment he needed and started booking gigs at hotspots around Hollywood. However, this time, with a wave of determination for success and his judgment not hazed by unrealistic expectations, Michaelis became a better musician than he ever was before. The only thing that didn’t change much was his undying thirst for rocking crowds. It didn’t take long before his talent was recognized and he began DJing parties for celebrity clients like Cher, Elton John and Aerosmith.

As his popularity escalated, Michaelis made connections with a number of club owners overseas who gave him an opportunity to DJ at their venues. He leaped at the chance to skyrocket his career and began flying out to Europe and Russia on a regular basis.

Today, Michaelis holds residencies at Los Angeles’ top night clubs, including Supperclub, Confidential and Sidebar. His recent performance at Lure left people begging for more, to say the least.

When not performing at clubs, Michaelis works every day to evolve as a musician and hone his production skills. His production company, UNAFKTD, specializes in dubstep and electro house remixes of artists like 311, Seether and He Met Her, Halos and Kaya Jones of the Pussycat Dolls. Michaelis also maintains a weekly podcast and travels across the country donating his time and DJ skills to non-profit events.

Michaelis is a dynamic and exciting DJ whose talent, versatility and innovative sound always paralyze any crowd’s imagination. He has a rare gift for delivering music from his heart and transmitting love through a booming bass to the audience.